To be determined...

That old shit..

I like my shit to get old with me. Share my journey. Smell like me. Feel like me. Look like me. I like my shit to represent who I am. Therefore I cannot follow any one trend because they fade and me, well I’d like to think I’ll never fade away, I’m ever present like that b.o. one gets after too many long nights and early mornings. I like to stress my denim myself, break my leather in myself. Fuck brand new. I want some old shit. Quality. 

We come in poz

We come in poz

Take your filthy hands off my ganja

Take your filthy hands off my ganja

My nigga is preaching right now



Episode 1 || California

Zoid Blind Muse and !!x!!!x!!!! (hæm) take a trip to California to see what the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernadino has to offer. They find themselves in the presence of old friends, classic foods, and high times.


Poz to the world



The High City is opening || are Ü?
Stay tooned #enterthezoid

There is no saviour…

Batman Arkham Knight